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"The biological android known as TAV11-84 was initialised on 11 May 1984. It was later discovered that a manufacturing error had not disabled the subject's higher brain functions, leading to unacceptable development of personality and eventual sapience.

Since reaching sapience, TAV11-84 has taken an interest in science-based academic studies and is currently an Electronic Engineering Undergraduate at the University of York, UK. Interests include Role-Playing games, Computer games and electronic music."

Uhh, yeah, whatever...

I'm a sci-fi geek of the highest order. Having said that, I'm one of those weird people who don't actually mind (and in fact, enjoy, when they aren't carefully maintaining their pasty-white complexion) going outside and doing crazy stuff like hitting things with pretend swords. In my spare time, I study Electronic and Computer Engineering (i.e. whenever I'm not doing something which has a higher fun-to-time ratio, which includes anything else really with the possible exception of eating broken glass or trying to extract my hypothalamus using only a mirror and a piece of chalk)

I was born in Dorchester one fine May morning. It all kinda went downhill from there really.

I'm a bouncy, happy and enthusiastic (some have used the descriptor 'infuriatingly chipper') person, though I try to avoid being cloying and clingy. In fact, I find it very easy to avoid getting too attached to anyone or anything with the exception of possibly my family, my pets, my own metabolism (it's a little hard for us two to become detached, after all) and maybe, just maybe my computer - (and that's just how I like it). Yes, I said my computer. Shut up.

I tend to find it very hard to become depressed for more than a couple of hours at most, unless someone *really* hurts me or pisses me off - I just bounce right back otherwise. Don't expect much angst or bitching from me - there are plenty of other angsty/bitchy people out there who you can laugh at if you must. You will however be party to the occasional fevered rant or directionless babble. I will of course only post in here when I'm feeling aimless, directionless, bored, or pissed off - since well if I'm not, then I've got better things to do.

I think that I'm good at talking to other people, but I'm aware that it is relatively hard to engage me in serious conversation because I brush such attempts aside with a seemingly impenetrable shield of bouncy happiness. I accept serious, 'deep' conversation almost with a sigh of resignation. I try to avoid offending others wherever possible. This can sometimes be a problem since my desire to avoid offending turns into an inability to be assertive or say anything that could possibly be construed as a negative.

I may seem disconnected from reality at times but that's not my sole defining feature, and despite popular opinion I am not actually 'just' an embarrassing geeky psycho gun-bunny least, that's what I keep trying to tell 'em. The truth is of course that I'm entirely one-dimensional and devoid of any interesting characteristics whatsoever. Oh yes. So you'd better stop reading now, because there's nothing else to say.

Nope, absolutely not.

Why are you still scrolling?

Why are you reading this anyway? Does anyone actually *care*? Didn't think so.

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